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Hello all!

As we promised in our last post, we’re going to give you the scoop on Children’s Club, in New York. This is one of our favorite times of the year, because we get to meet up with different retailers from all over who sell Little Mass merchandise. People are always asking us where they can find Little Mass clothing.Read on to discover some of the retailers that stock Little Mass clothing, that may be at a location near you.
If you find yourself on the East Coast, check out our friends over at Inmotion (located in Merrick, NY), Mondo de Bimbi (loacted in Howard Beach) and Nirvana Girls (Long Branch, New Jersey) Little Mass clothing can also be found at Frog ‘N’ Princess, which is located in McMurrary, Pennsylvania. One of our personal favorite web stores & sweetest customers, Denim & Daisies is located in Boonton, New Jersey.
Pictured here are the ladies of Denim & Daisies:
Prefer the beach? Lucky for you, We have many friends over in Florida. Miami is home to Step by Step, Kidz and Aleren Kids & Teens.  Vacationing in Boral, Florida? Head on over to Le Petite!
Pictured at her booth at Children’s Club is Debbie from Step by Step!
For you international fans of Little Mass, check out Dress2party, located in London, England or Fancy Closet (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico). Canada, eh? Stop by Sporting Life (Toronto) or PRPL, in Montreal.
Don’t forget Oh Baby, in Excelsior, Minnesota, The Children’s Loft, in Youngstown, Ohio and Soca Girl, located in Birmingham, Alabama.
Pictured here are Roni & Kathleen at their booth for Soca Girl.

And of course, Little Mass designer Tina and the rest of the crew in front of the TruLuv collection.

See more of our photos from Children’s Club on Facebook!

So that’s a wrap on Children’s Club, but tune in on Thursday to read about some of Fall’s new collections.

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