Fall Fashion Debut

Ahh. Fall has come again, and with it are those earthy colors of browns, reds and yellows. Or has it?
Two of Fall’s Debut collections seem to rebel against such run of the mill colors.
Giant in the Fashion World, Burberry, goes against such normalities, bringing to the fore colors reminiscent of its Spring Collection, with a slight deepening of hues. Instead of spring green, its a delicate, mossy shade. Purple and magenta hues seen in the Spring palette are now deepened shades of magenta and royal purple. Even the goloshes are toned down a bit from its brighter spring siblings: now you see softer, more subdued pigments. Of course, Burberry has maintained its signature: their classic Nova Check has taken on children’s accessories, as you can see in the purse and galoshes:
Newcomers on the scene, Tiny Pants has also gone against the trends, showcasing vibrant colors of fuchsia, green, purple and navy. A huge insiration for this company are its cues taken from “mommy’s closet”, and downsized it to fit the persona of a little girl. This collection is notable for its femininity, and motorcyle chic flourishes. One noteworthy piece from this collection is the Velvet Blazer, priced at $60. ¬†Two looks in one outfit can be created since the satin ruffle is removable.
To cap off today’s review of Fall inspired collections, watch Burberry’s Fall Campaign, ¬†complete with the lighthearted and youthful spirit of childhood, or the inspiration behind these collections.
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