Tutus for Halloween

As you all know, Halloween is coming up. This means ghosts, gouls, and tutus! Yes, I said it: tutus. Halloween is not just a time to look scary, for little girls, its just another good excuse to play dress up. Tutus are a classic look that speaks elegance and sophistication. Today we’re going to put a slight twist on this classic fashion piece, in the fun and lively spirit of Halloween.

This colorful outfit from our Le Pink Collection is bound to leave your little girl spellbound.

Here’s another cute tutu, this time from the Little Mass collection.

Going for a princess theme? This delightful combo of sparkles, ruffles and bright colors would leave Cinderella speechless. Also from our Le Pink Collection.

This tutu, from our Le Pink Collection is simple, but cute.

To spice up a tutu with a neutral color scheme such as this, spice it up by adding a wand . Your little one will love to  twirl it around, and these Tulle Puff wands are customized so that the colors will match any tutu or outfit.

Here are a few more tutus from our Little Mass Collection that work well with any princess theme.

The great thing about this Halloween idea is that your daughter can wear these outfits time and time again. Instead of going with the usual one time wear costume, think about switching things up this year by using these delightful pieces as a Halloween costume, and fun outfit to wear for any occasion.

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