Our Top 10 iPhone Apps for Mom

Life gets pretty hectic. We understand that perfectly, and so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite iPhone apps, made to help organize crazy aspects of your life and act as the perfect personal assistant.

1. iDoctor? (Free)

We all love Web MD- an online source that gives a wealth of medical information. The Web MD app grants you access to all of this great info, including symptoms to illnesses. Need to know whether a visit to the hospital is necessary? Answer the series of questions this app asks of you, and it will tell you if everything’s OK, or if a visit to the doctor is needed. It even has a first aid section that has visual aids for emergency procedures like CPR.

2. MyMoney (Free)

Mint is a useful app that works great as a personal finance tracking software. Aadd transactions instantly and keep track of where you’re money is headed with this useful app.

3. FastMall for Fashionistas (Free)

iPhone hasn’t developed a “Fix It” button yet; but this certainly will do in the meantime. FastMall gives you step by step directions as well as virtual maps to anywhere in the mall, including routes with elevators (great for those of you pushing strollers). Besides providing a mini directory, this helpful app has one more trick up its sleeve: the bathroom finder. One shake of your phone, and up pops directions to the nearest restroom.

4. Parental Controls

Manage what your child is viewing on the web with this neat little app, known as Safe Browser. For $4.99, monitor and restrict sites your kids are visiting on the internet via the phone. Filtering is based on age, the most restrictive being elementary, high school being the least restrictive.  Added bonus is that its hosted in real time- no slow internet responses here.

5. Grocery Gadget ($4.99)

This nifty app does a bunch of handy things, like handling your shopping list, remembering the order you shopped in last time, and putting your next list in that same order. Plus, you can create categories, specify brand names and make notes for coupons and other things as well as keep track of what you’re spending on groceries.

6. The Silent Bodyguard

Hopefully you’ll never need this app, but for $0.99, have peace of mind that if an emergency ever does arrive, you’ll have this little lifesaver on hand. All you do is save contact emergency information, and if the time comes, tap on the app (which is disguised as a photo to hide the fact that it’s an alarm) and it will signal your name and whereabouts to your emergency contacts every 60 seconds.  We recommend you place this app on your homepage for easy access if ever need to use it.

7. Coupon Sherpa (Free)

We all love to save a buck here and there. This will give you the scoop on all your local retailers, and which offers or discounts they’re offering. Simply tap on the store from Safari, and the store can scan the code directly, or punch it in. If they can’t do either, print out a copy of the coupon.

8. UrbanSpoon (Free)

Looking for a new place to dine at somewhere local? This app will give you names of local eateries, categorize it by type of cuisine or  price range and offer the number, address as well as a map.  Also, it will give you a thumbs up or down, by tracking the number of votes and percentage of people who liked the place.

9. Mom Maps (Free)

This app will give you the down low on fun kid spots in the area, whether it be a park, playground, restaurant,  museum or indoor play area. Just tap on the spot you’re interested in and view the address, directions, phone, URL and reviews if available.

10. iCook

For $4.99, The How to Cook Everything app shows you, well, how to cook everything. Forget flipping through pages to find a recipe, when you can search for a quick easy one by search terms like “ingredient”, “flavor” or  ”recipe type”.  Recipes are voted for, and the most popular ones appear in the appropriately named section.  Variations to recipes are also given; making a great alternative to the heavy cookbook you may be accustomed to.

And there you have it! Our picks for iPhone apps that will be most helpful to you, for those times when you’re on the go and need a little helper.

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3 Responses to Our Top 10 iPhone Apps for Mom

  1. Jill said: Hi! Great list - I'm a mom and I actually have most of these apps on my iphone - and will add the rest! Thanks for adding Mom Maps to the list! Its an ever evolving application that I have been building and developing for the last year and a half. Its terrific to be mentioned on a list with other great free apps for parents.
    • admin said: Hi Jill! Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read! :)
  2. Mathilde said: Wow, thanks for the lineup! Let me add here Intuition aka "mom's personal assistant" (www.iconapps.com). It is helping me organize schedules and tasks with other interesting features like grocery listing and mommy community. This is super efficient app and it is free!

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