Spring/Cruise Collection Preview

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a festive Halloween this year. Fall is in full swing and in anticipation for the upcoming seasons, Little Mass wanted to give our readers a preview of what’s hot for Little Mass and Tru Luv in the Cruise and Spring seasons.

We are very excited to announce brand new groups in our Little Mass Collection, the first being our Avatar group. This group of clothing may give you nostalgia for the seventies with its groovy tie-dyed effects. Mix and match, and kick off the spring in a fabulous way with any of these cute outfits from the Avatar group.

Staying true to our roots, we have a whole new tutu group, which we like to call “I Rock“.I Rock comes in a unique mixture of different prints, tie-dyes, and gemstones that your little girl would love to rock out in.

As you can see in the image below, you have  your quintessential spring dress in Coco Daisy. Made with lace, this spring-y dress is a great fit as well. Match it with a pair of boots or some fancy shoes and a cute cardigan and your little one will be hot-to-trot.

Another must have this season is our butterfly top in the  Raspberry Blossom group. Already, this sweet find has its fans because it goes with just about anything, has an adorable little hand-braided flower, and feels super comfy (it is made with 100% wrinkle free cotton, maybe that’s why). This butterfly top may not come with a butterfly’s wings, but it sure will make your daughter radiate like one. Our designers complain this one’s not in in big girl size.

Tru Luv has a few new editions as well, including the Urban Floral group. Floral print dresses and stripes are signatures of this group-a fantastic way to ease into Spring.

The second new edition is our Desire group, aptly named for the desire any little girl has for these comfortable dresses that come in a mix of cotton, chambray and lace.Throw in a belt, and you’re good to go. These dresses are perfect to wear to school. Just pair ‘em with some boots and a jacket and you have one adorable outfit.

To see more looks from these new editions, check out our new album on Facebook. Also, take a look at the rest of our Little Mass and Tru Luv collections on our site to mix and match our looks to complete your little one’s wardrobe. Hope you enjoy shopping our collections. Thank-you for the continual support.

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  1. admin said: Hi Simone, Yes, we do carry those items in sizes 10 and 12. Let me know if you have any trouble finding them!

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