Little Mass’s Model Flashback

Today we’re going to take a few steps back to take a look at Little Mass’s models when we first started out, and see where they are today!

Here are a few photos that we’ve dug up from ten years ago!

Pictured here are Tina Chang’s daughter, Claudia and her good friend Janna Savatgy or two of our “founding models”.

Later on in their modeling career:

And look at them now!

Janna Savatgy began modeling for us when she was about six years old, around the same time she became friends with Claudia. (The two girls have remained tight over the years) We asked Janna what’s she up to now, and she recalls modeling for Tru Luv & Le Pink, remarking about how much fun she had modeling, and goes on to explain her current interests. As any 16 year old can relate, she is dying to get her driver’s permit and drive around, but in the meantime she’s looking for a job. Janna currently lives in Los Angeles and actively participates in dance competition and proudly notes that her dance team has won six titles over the past 2 years. She says she loves spending time with her friends and family and happily declares “I’m proud of who I am today, and have no regrets.”

Janna doing a ballet move, the ponche :

Today, Claudia Chang is 16 years old and she has grown up to be quite the artist. (Carrying on in her designer mom’s footsteps?) She loves expressing herself creatively and balances a tough courseload full of honors & AP classes with dance classes in jazz, ballet and a bit of Kendo. Both girls love to go to small concert venues together and like any teenager, have a passion for great music.

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