Fall Themed Model Contest

Hello everyone!

We were very pleased with the results from last time’s model contest, and  have decided to go forth with another one, only this time it’s going to be Fall themed. The contest will start on Friday, November 20th and end Monday, December 20th.

How to take part:
Upload your photos of your little ones wearing Little Mass to our wall page on Facebook  
Cast your votes by “liking” a photo
Remember, this is a fall theme, so please try to incorporate this theme into your photos.  
Important: Winner will be asked to email littlemassfb@yahoo.com in order to receive their prize, which will be a $200 giftcard to the Little Mass website. Which means, if you win, please shoot an email to this address with your name and info to confirm who you are, and include an email that you would like the gift certificate emailed to.

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6 Responses to Fall Themed Model Contest

  1. setrina said: Do they have to be wearing little mass clothing in the picture?
    • admin said: Yes, please have them wearing Little Mass
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  4. Baby looney tunes said: I think it would be FABULOUS!

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