Winter Party Wrap-up

Hello all,

As we mentioned earlier, this past weeked we had our winter party, which was a huge success. There was tons of good food, Christmas themed drinks (anyone heard of the Grinch?) and fun as we listened to a mix of holiday music and artists like Lady Gaga.

We transformed the office to give it a “nightclub” feel. The lights were dimmed, and we had a silver and white palette of holiday decorations as well as flower arrangements made up of Casablancas and orchids.

Waiters treated guests to appetizers ranging from quiche to chicken skewers, with additional platters laden with shrimp cocktails, sushi rolls and dumplings.  The main dish was authentic Brazilian food catered by M Grill. To top it off was dessert: a variety of fruit tarts, cupcakes and pastries from Porto Bakery.

Thank-you to all who came! And if you weren’t able to make it, there’s always next time.

Below are some pre-party photos,  photos from the party to come later!

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