Q&A: Meet Our Staff

Yesterday, we introduced you to our designers. Today, meet the people in our other department: the clerical staff! Also, we included a little playlist of what you may find us listening to at the office. Enjoy!

Erica: Receptionist/Customer Service

My Style:

“Comfort: Jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.”

Must Haves of 2010:

“The iPad, 3D Sony TV and 3D Sony Blue Ray are my must haves of the year.”

Fashion Don’ts:

“Funny looking hats”

Song of 2010:

“I can’t name one song, I like anything that sounds good!”

Alba Valentin: Customer Service/ EDI Coordinator

My Style:

“A shirt and jeans for work and comfortable clothing at home.”

Must Haves:

“The iPad, a cute hoodie and a pair of comfy jeans”

Fashion Don’ts:

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Lady Gaga, but that meat outfit has gotta go!”

Song(s) of 2010:

“Runaway”, by Kanye West

“Deuces”, by Chris Brown
Inga Klassy: Order Processor/Order Allocator

My Style:

“I like comfortable clothes during the daytime: cozy hoodies, jeans and sneakers. At night, its a whole other story: sexy mini dresses, high heels and make-up inspired by Versace.”

Must Haves:

“A mini dress, a pair of comfortable heels and worn out stretch leggings.  Comfort is key.”

Song of 2010:

“Not Afraid”, by Eminem and “Just a Dream”, by Nelly.

Below is  a playlist of what you may find us hearing at the office!

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3 Responses to Q&A: Meet Our Staff

  1. maurice ashby said: Hello anybody, i am trying to get in touch with anybody from the management of Little Mass without succes. I've tried emailing, phone etc etc but no response. We are agents from Holland and we love the brand and want to talk to somebody who can help us with more information and possibillties to get it to Holland and Belgium (Europe) We are working with different international brands and agents allready. Can somebody please help us???? kind regards, Maurice Ashby
    • admin said: Hello Maurice, My apologies for the trouble. If you would like, please email me a number that I could give to Little Mass's management so I can have them give you a call. My email is littlemassfb@yahoo.com.
    • admin said: Hi Maurice, I sent you an email a while back, did you ever receive it? Try emailing tina@littlemass.com, I will let her know you'll be contacting her so she has a heads up.

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