Little Mass’s Fall 2011 Collection: Sneak Preview!

We know you guys have been dying to see what’s in store for Little Mass this year, so we’re giving you a sneak preview at the Fall 2011 Collection!

3 photos will be uploaded to our Facebook, be sure to vote for your favorite looks and let us know what you think of each.  We love hearing your thoughts, so…

Please voice your opinion: what do you like? What would you like to see? Which is your favorite look?

Without further ado, here’s the down low on 3 of our new looks.
Pretty Punk
Taking cue from punks in the eighties and toning it down for young girls, we’ve designed a new look that has the perfect combination of rebelliousness and sweetness. This particular outfit from our Pretty Punk collection displays a vibrant contrast between red roses and a dark lace fringe which, when brought together, makes an amazing combination. There’s also the classic Little Mass tutu with a denim vest (easy to mix in with any outfit!) The top is a long sleeve rayon jersey tee with over sized sequined hearts.

For this look, we’ve taken the bohemian and hipster styles of London’s youth and channeled it through this new collection. You have the classic black and grey plaid fabrics with our personal pizazz to create a funky and urban look. The little ruffles on the bottom give a feminine touch to this outfit.

Gossip Girl

Just like some of Blake Lively’s outfits in the show, this outfit is chic and preppy. This is a very proper and clean look so, to give it a bedazzled kick, we threw in a jewel encrusted necktie. To top it all off, the pleated knit skirt adds another dimension with its leather buckle…worthy of any British rock musician. xoxo, Little Mass.

Well, there you have it: 3 new fresh looks from your friends at Little Mass. As we mentioned earlier, please give us feedback, we would greatly appreciate it.

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