The Business Side of Fashion

Alright, guys. You’ve heard from our designers, but what about the perspectives from our manufacturing department and Little Mass’s other CEO, Hannah Yoo? Read on as they ponder the new year and the business side of fashion.

Hannah Yoo

Job title: Chief Financial Officer/Janitor

My hero is…

Nicole Kidman. She’s taken independent steps in her life (divorcing Tom Cruise and taking the kids with her) and then became a movie star in Moulin Rouge. She proved she could be a star without his help.

Must Haves for 2011:

A smoothly running company in which the retailers are happy and we are happy.

What change would you like to see in 2011?

Financial security for the whole country so that we can put our best foot forward. The financial freedom to take care of rejected orphans and starving children would also be a great thing to see.

My Taste in Music:

Well, I’m not exactly clued in to today’s music, I would have to ask my daughter Jamie about that! I’m still stuck in the eighties and love slow songs by Barry Manillow, Air Supply and the Carpenters…I need to move forward with Lady Gaga and the current stuff but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Getting old isn’t pretty!

Who Inspires Me:

My son and daughter

Jasper Whang

-Graphic Artist

What Inspires Me:  

The Godfather

Must haves” for 2011

A computer and a  numerically controlled router

What change would you like to see in year 2011?

More creativity!

My Taste in Music:

Anything that’s catchy

Richard Wright

- Cutting Room Director

Who Inspires Me:

People that look before they leap.

Must haves for 2011:

Amazon, Kindle, Netflix and a Dodge Challenger!

What changes would you like to see in  2011?

I want to see a healthy, robust economy. Let’s get back on track!

My Taste in Music:

Classic Rock , Country, Blues, Standards and Classical. I don’t discriminate as long as it’s “good”.


-Sample Room Coordinator

My Hero:
My Son

Changes I’d like to see in 2011…
Health, world peace and an improvement in the economy.
My Taste in Music:
I like all kinds of music

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2 Responses to The Business Side of Fashion

  1. The Yellow Cottage Boutique said: We just adore Little Mass at The Yellow Cottage Boutique! Hannah, you make it a pleasure to bring fabulous, unique and trendy fashions to our customers. Fun funky designs even for the littlest fashionista. It's great to put some faces with a name. Miss Erica has been extremely incredible with all of our relentless reorders. We can never keep Little Mass in stock! We look forward to an incredible 2011!
    • admin said: Thanks guys! Did you see our post for retailers? You may be interested in that, here's a link: If you decide to partake, I'll send your response on over to Tina. Thanks again!

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