Win a $200 gift card to Little Mass!

Hello all,

We know the holidays have passed, but we’re still feeling the holiday spirit and so we’re offering you a chance to win a $200 gift certificate to our online store. As of right now, we have 850 fans on Facebook and we want to make it to 1000 fans, so what we’re asking you to do is get your friends and family to add us. The person with the most referrals wins.

Let’s Break It Down:

Step 1) Garner the support of your friends and family by letting them know what you’re trying to do and have them like our Facebook page.  You can get creative with how you do this…maybe  a status update linking them to our page. We’re excited to see the clever ways you’ll devise to win.

Step 2) Once they become a fan, they will need to let us know (by posting on our wall) who it was that referred them to our page. (You!)

Step 3) We’ll keep tally and keep you guys updated as the contest goes. Then, we’ll announce the winner once we reach 1,000 fans.

Good luck!

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