New Styles Released!

Hello everyone, hope you all had a fun weekend! Today we wanted to tell you about the latest Little Mass styles, and give you an update about our latest contest.

Only a week ago, we had 855 fans, and today we stand at 939 fans!! It’s only a matter of time that we make it our goal of 1,000 fans and announce the winner. So far Tammy Sessler, Danielle Sanchez and Rylee Weak are in the lead. (The winner will be asked to email

It’s amazing to think that

only a few months ago we had 80 fans.

Thank you to all of our old fans for your support, and welcome to new fans!

Moving onto our new styles, we’re sure you’re gonna love these! We’ll be updating the store soon with these products in particular, so make sure to check back!

This style is called “Desire“. Not to toot our own horn, but we think your little one will definitely desire this as soon as she sees it!

This dress is from our group “Hot and the Gang“. It’s colors are vivid and bright, making it perfect for the spring. Find this in our Tru Luv collection! (Clicking on the photo will immediately take you to its page on the store)

And here’s our Avatar group, from the Little Mass collection. The dress and top can be found online.

This look is called “Candy Cloud“, a perfectly sweet look from the Little Mass collection.

The outfit below is another new style from our “Costa Chic” group. You can find this in the Tru Luv collection.

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