Spotlight on A Child’s Closet

Sheri Tarr is the owner/operator of A Child’s Closet.  Sheri is a very busy (to say the least) mother of 9 children!

(Here’s her youngest, Brooklyn, featured in Little Mass!)

A Child’s Closet is a product of Sheri’s drive to search for quality children’s clothing and take her kids to work with her. In Sheri’s words, whether you have “nine kids like me, or just one” , A Child’s Closet provides fantastic boutique style clothing for mothers everywhere.

About the Store:

  • Founded as an upscale resale children’s clothing store 13 years ago
  • Sheri became was inspired by the idea of selling new children’s clothing, along with her experience with online retailers led her to purchase a site that sold high quality, unique clothing.
  • For local customers, Sheri also owns a small, storefront store that serves the community.
  • Sheri and her sister, Jean (who takes her fabulous photos!) hand select the styles and brands for the site.
  • They carry over 75 different brands of children’s clothing.
  • Teamed up with Little Mass!

    “Little Mass is one of the original brands we carried and continues to be a very strong seller.  Their funky and girlish designs are made withf high quality and novelty fabrics. Incorporating fine details of European creations along with the hip and trendy styles of Hollywood, Little Mass has become a trademark all of its own. They also created a dress division called Le Pink…which is elegant, stylish and brings out the princess in every girl!”

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