1,005 fans and Counting! And the Winner Is…

Back in January, we made it our New Years Resolution to gain 1,000 fans over the ensuing months. Barely a month later, we’ve exceeded our goal by five fans!

How It Was Done:

We held a contest on Facebook! It was a pretty basic: current fans of ours had to win over new fans, and they had to tell us who sent them. The winner would win a $200 gift card to our store.  January 17, 2011 we had 855 fans. 150 fans later, we stand at 1,005 fans.

And with no further ado, the winner of the contest is….

Tammy Sessler! Congratulations, Tammy and thank-you for bringing in a total of  76 new fans to our page. Please shoot us an email at littlemassfb@yahoo.com so we have a way to contact you and send over your $200 gift card!

Thanks also to Rylee Weak, who garnered 11 fans and Danielle Sanchez who drove 24 fans over to our Facebook!

We’d like to thank all of you for your participation, if it weren’t for your relentless encouragement to friends and family, there’s no way we would have made so many fans in record time. Thank you also for keeping the competition friendly and fun, we appreciate all of your efforts.

And don’t forget! Our sample is this Saturday, make sure you save the date!

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