Behind the Scenes at Little Mass

Hello all,

Hope you guys are enjoying some refreshing sunshine this Spring, or, if you’re anywhere near L.A., you’ve been experiencing early April showers.  Where ever you are,  we wanted to let you know that by purchasing Little Mass clothing, you’re supporting an American brand since the bulk of our clothing is made right here in our own backyard: Los Angeles!

Our priority is to produce an American brand, and by doing so, we refrain from skimping on quality,  and try our hardest to design clothing that our own kids would love and appreciate.  And, not only can you enjoy the quality of our homemade brand, but we also try to help the community by providing jobs to American workers.  At the end of the day, we believe that a happy work environment filled with “Fashion-ate” (fashion-passionate) people are the most effective at creating new designs that you’ll love. Take a look at the photos below to get a behind the scenes look at Little Mass!

Here’s where we keep stock of everything:

CEO of Little Mass,  Tina Chang’s office below.

We use the machine below to print out graphics for tee’s.

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