Sneak Peak at the 2011 Fall Collection

We know you guys have been antsy for fresh, new designs so here’s a sneak preview of the Fall 2011 Collection.

The first 3 are from the Little Mass collection.
This one is called Lola,  it’s bound to put spring in anyone’s step with its dainty accents and pretty palette of powdery pinks and purples.

The look below, called Narnia (also from Little Mass) is an adorable style that’s perfect for keeping warm in Fall’s cooler days.

The last look, called Spunky is the last one from the Little Mass collection. Like it’s name suggests, these looks are fun and have lots of personality.

The next few looks are from the Tru Luv collection.

The first is called Neon: with these kind of bright colors and funky prints, can you guess why?

This next look, “Tattered” has an edgier feel that your little one can rock out with. Also from our Tru Luv collection.

The last look is called “Urban Sweetheart”:

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