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New Le Pink Items on Sale: Limited time only!

Daisies aren’t the only things popping up this Spring, Little Mass has new items from Le Pink available.  Since Spring is our favorite season (what other season has that pretty pallette of powdery pinks and baby blues?), we’re now offering our new Le Pink items for discounted prices. These items are ideal for special occasions, [...]

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Mother’s Day Model Contest

To all the mamas out there, As you guys know, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but we thought you guys deserved more than just a day, so why not start the celebration now? In the past, we’ve done model contests for your daughters, but this time we want to include you in the [...]

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New Summer Items Available!

The days are getting hotter, so if you haven’t already, get a jump start on summer shopping. These next looks will keep your girls cool and fashionable as ever. This first look is from the Little Mass Collection, we call it the ladybug because its girly and cute. Grab the tunic for your little ladybug [...]

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Little Mass Pajamas?

As always, we love hearing from you guys. So, what’s your take on the fashion world? Tell us about those items you love but can never find, or styles you’re simply addicted to. CEO of Little Mass, Tina Chang says “My thing is making pajamas for my dogs, why doesn’t anyone make them?!” And it’s [...]

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