Little Mass Pajamas?

As always, we love hearing from you guys. So, what’s your take on the fashion world? Tell us about those items you love but can never find, or styles
you’re simply addicted to
. CEO of Little Mass, Tina Chang says “My thing is making pajamas for my dogs, why doesn’t anyone make them?!

And it’s not just dogs that need pajamas, kids them too!

Disney characters and childish tees and pants seem to be very popular, but what about sleep apparel that has a fashionable edge to it as well? We love the classic kind with collars and buttons in the 2 piece sets. What do you guys think of a Little Mass brand of pajamas?

The designs seen here exemplify our ideas slightly, only it would be customized to fit a little fashionista’s style preferences.

Our pajamas would be designed in a bright color palette, or in soft pinks & navy blues.

This way, your little one can wear cute clothing during the day and night. Fashion never sleeps, right?

Let us know what you think!

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