New Summer Items Available!

The days are getting hotter, so if you haven’t already, get a jump start on summer shopping. These next looks will keep your girls cool and fashionable as ever.

This first look is from the Little Mass Collection, we call it the ladybug because its girly and cute. Grab the tunic for your little ladybug here and the grab the leggings to match!

Our next look from Little Mass is sure to rock the socks off anyone. Featured in our I Rock group, you can find the purple tie dyed tutu here.

This next look, “Muse” is from our Tru Luv collection. The fuschia stripes are bound to put some spring in her step.

These 3 looks are straight outta Tru Luv, too. Capri dresses are a summer must, you can find the teal and lime colored capri dress (featured in the middle) here and the  blue and green capri dress can be found here.  The look on the left is called “Mediterranean Life”,  can be found  here.

These next four looks are from the group, Muse. Lovin’ the stripes? The royal blue striped top can be found here and the fuschia striped dress here. Catch another glimpse at Muse from here.  

The final look from Tru Luv (featured on the right), Punch, is truly a knockout.

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