New Le Pink Items on Sale: Limited time only!

Daisies aren’t the only things popping up this Spring, Little Mass has new items from Le Pink available.  Since Spring is our favorite season (what other season has that pretty pallette of powdery pinks and baby blues?), we’re now offering our new Le Pink items for discounted prices. These items are ideal for special occasions, and since Mother’s Day is coming, we thought this would be great.

Note: The winner of our model contest wins any one of these items for free!

Sale for tinkerbell dresses ends today at 6 pm PST. Sale for Elida dresses ends tomorrow at 6 pm PST.


The first item is the Elida Heart Dress, discounted from $48.00 to $29.99.  Get the dress here.

You can also get the same design in pink!

The next item is a white, Tinkerbell dress. Teresa Giudice, star of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, snagged this one for her little one, and now you can get it for $49.99. Get the dress here. Originally, this dress was priced at $102.00.

You can find the same tinkerbell dress in lime. Get the dress here. Originally priced at  $106.00.

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