Hot Trend: Animal Prints!

We’ve heard some great feedback from you guys about style trends you love. Richenda Harris from Okie Couture loves flowered sun dresses that take you back to the groovy ’70s! Vintage apparel has certainly come back, and as Harris points out, patchworks of different floral patterns are certainly a style trend to watch out for! Let us know which trends YOU love so we can feature it in a follow up post.

Moving on to one of our favorite style trends, we love leopard prints, like this tutu (Style #A6971) from Little Mass’s I Rock collection. Get your hands on it now!

D’lila and Jessie Combs rock a similar look as you can see below.

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2 Responses to Hot Trend: Animal Prints!

  1. Richenda Harris said: Oh my, these dresses are too cute! Almost makes me want to have another girl just to dress her up in these clothes! I love animal prints so much & they are a classic print but updated this way for little girls w/ the tutu-style skirts are so adorable. Love Little Mass, need to get this brand in my store...
    • littlemass said: Hi Richenda! Glad you're liking the clothes! If you'd like to become a retailer, please check out this link:

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