4th of July Secret Sale!

The time for major family get togethers, barbeques and showing your patriotic stripes is almost here! In celebration of this momentous occasion,

we’re offering amazing deals exclusively to our Facebook fans.

Below are the items you guys can get for 50% off it’s listed price.

Our first item, the Star Punch Top packs a lotta punch with its cute graphics and vivid colors. Sale price: $16

These next couple of items are perfect for any funky fashionista. Pair the Avatar multi color shorts and Avatar Hoodie together to get the look below.

Avatar Hoodie is Style #A5730 and the Avatar multi color shorts is Style #A31646.

Sale prices:

Shorts- $20

Hoodie- $41

These last couple of items are sure to be swooped up quickly, so make sure to grab yours now!

Our oxygen white dress (Style #T6199) is bordered with sequins, giving it some glitz. Add a dash of color with our pink tie dyed version of this dress (Style #T6200)

Sale prices:

Oxygen white dress: $24

Oxygen Pink dress:$28

Sale starts on the 4th of July, and ends the following morning. Make sure to tell your friends about it, they have to “like” our page in order to get the coupon code!

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