Win a free item from our 4th of July Special!

As you might have already heard, we’re giving you guys access to some great deals for the 4th of July.

As if those deals weren’t great already,

now you can have a chance to get it for FREE. Here’s how:

Tell your friends, family, anyone and everyone about our brand, then refer them to our Facebook Page.

Ask them to leave a comment on our wall, letting us know that it was you who sent them over.

First person to refer 20 fans gets 1 free item of your choice from our July Special.See below for all the cool items that will be on sale JULY FOURTH.

Psst. We recently revamped our Facebook page to include a cute landing page. To see it, click on the “Welcome” tab under the Profile Photo.

Let’s take a second to review those items.

Item 1: Oxygen Pink Dress. Beautiful details at the border, and bedazzled with sequins to give it some extra spark.

Keep your little one warm and fashionable as ever in this Avatar Hoodie. Perfect for chilly summer nights!

Get our Avatar shorts to match!Summer dresses are a must. Get your hands on this Oxygen White Dress.

Our twist on the Star Spangled Banner are these cute graphics on our Star Punch Tops.

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