Upcoming Events in Little Mass News

Little Mass wants to hear from you!

Here is a list of Our Upcoming Events

Graphic Tee Shirt Contest

We want you to design a creative, exciting, and fun graphic for our Little Mass collection. Winner will have there shirt printed in our upcoming Spring 2012 collection.

Contest coming soon Go ahead and get a quick start. Send design image, name, and phone number to littlemasscontest@gmail.com

Model Contest

We want to see pictures of your little girls in there “Best Back to School Little Mass, Tru Luv, and Le Pink outfits.” So get carried away in capturing the best image and post them on our facebook site. Winner will receive a free outfit from our new fall 2011 collection.

Contest date will be announced soon.

Go like our page and post image on:


Summer Stories

Hows everyone’s summer so far? Got any good stories? Little Mass wants to know!!!!post your summer stories to our facebook site.

Quick Questions

Little Mass wants your answers…

-What is the best gift you have ever received?

-What are your favorite accessories?

-We would like to know what are your favorite charities?

All comments would be helpful! please participate Thank You!!!!


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